Personal Power and Body Language

Have you ever considered the relationship between what you do and how you feel, between your actions and your emotions? For example, it has always amazed me that when I am feeling good, energized or confident how I also tend to be more active, do more, become more productive. And then I notice that the opposite is true as well. If I have something greatly disappointing happen, I feel low, maybe sad, “depressed”, anxious and don’t want to participate in things that I do when I am feeling positive and up. Our self-esteem actually feels lower. That is our assessment of our selves in our world and even our ability to be awesome or not.

I think we all make this connection, to a degree, and can relate to having felt the downward spiral of depression at least once in our lives. The link I am posting here today is to a Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy called: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. It discusses some of the science related to this and may get you thinking about the power you have to reverse that downward spiral by consciously doing or behaving in a certain way. You might call this “faking it until you make it”. It is a very powerful tool. Have a look and see how is might work for you. It certainly works for me.

Amy Cuddy Ted Talk Link

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