How to Stop Binging – Life on the Inside from a Recovering Food Addict

I am posting this excerpt from the blog of a local Victoria personal trainer named Tara Brunet from Training by Tara Brunet because it so beautifully describes very common struggles with anxiety and binge eating in a down to earth way and includes lots of ideas to move past and through those struggles.

Tara is a dynamic and inspirational business woman and human being. The transparency and vulnerability with which she writes really hits home with me because I think nothing feels better to be around than people who are real. Her writing inspires me to have compassion for myself because having a hard time is normal and you can see this in her experience. We all face difficulties at one time or another. Having the ability to be kind to ourselves in our darkest moments is the way to move through them quickly, learn the most from them and not repeat them as frequently in the future.

Have a look at this great blog that tackles several issues about very common human struggles that are particularly prevalent at this time in history.

Beat the BINGE

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