Simple Ideas for Eating to Improve Your Mental Health

Nutrition is always a topic that comes up when working with clients who are trying to “feel better”. What we eat plays such a large role in our over-all health including our mood and ability to think clearly, which leads to better decisions and higher productivity, which, again, leads to feeling even better. This is a natural upward cycle.

If you can imagine giving your body the simple tools it needs to feel better, you can probably also imagine feeling pretty good about yourself for seeing the results of feeling lighter, more energetic and getting stuff done. So, not only would your mood improve but your self-esteem or confidence would go up as well. What you eat is actually part of this anti-depressant strategy. We all know that the opposite is true as well. When we feel down we often feel low energy and eat foods that leave us without the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats we need to live our life well. This makes us feel worse and around it goes.

Giving our body the basic building blocks in needs to have tools it needs to create energy, rebuild, cope with stress and the multitude of amazing things our body can do is so key, and it isn’t really that hard. Clients tell me all of the time that there isn’t enough time in the day or they don’t like cooking. These links I’m including today have lots of great really easy ideas for being able to invest a small amount of time and energy for big pay-offs in the energy and mood departments.

Have a look to see if there is something here you might try incorporating to get the pay-off you are looking for.

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