Victoria BC Local Artist Terri Heal

This local artist happens to be my sister and I think she is amazing for many reasons including being an incredibly loving sister, funny, creative, and aesthetically gifted but she has truly surprised me in the last few years with her ability to sketch and paint so well.  Although I have always known that she has a great eye for colour and style her newest interest has been sketching. She is almost always holding a pen, sketchbook and paints in her hand when we have a family get-together.

She “warned” me last night that she has drawn almost everyone in the family except me and I was likely next on the list. She is surprisingly good in creating likenesses of most of my family members but I found myself having an aversion to the idea of her sketching me. What is that about, I ask myself as I write this. I will have to face it soon, I suppose. Below is a link to her website with a few of her pieces of artwork. This is a new site and I’m sure she would say very much a work in progress. Despite that, I think she has started something wonderful for herself and for others to appreciate.

Link to Terri Heal’s website

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