Resources for Better Sleep and Grounding

Good sleep patterns are strongly connected to a sense of happiness and empowerment. If we feel well rested we have more energy and a sense of calm that helps us think well and get things done. When we have a belief that we can readily take care of the business of our daily lives we feel confident.

These are probably fairly obvious ideas but it occurred to me that many people hold this idea while simultaneously choosing not to prioritize sleep in their lives. In my opinion everything else in life flows from the ability of the machine of our body to master the life around us. For this reason prioritizing sleep is at the top of my list in my healthcare plan.

Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep and for many reasons. I am sharing a bunch of links today that give information about how to get a better night’s sleep. My links will include how to feel calmer throughout the day by being more mindful. Being mindful and maintaining a more grounded state throughout the day contribute to making better decisions through the day and have a more creative mind. And, of course of of the things are the antidotes to depression. Depression is a complicated issue but if you think about it you will likely agree that feeling rested, energetic, creative and empowered to tackle any problem life gives you with motivation and confidence is the opposite to depression. So, good emotional self regulation (ability to be grounded more often) and having a full gas tank will be significant contributors to reliving depression.

Enjoy these links:

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