Getting Past the Barriers to Fitness to Improve Your Mental Health

Corbin Bednarik from Elate Fitness emailed me today with an interesting idea and I wanted to post it here because I thought it could be helpful for anyone trying to improve their mental health by, in part, improving their physical health.

Corbin wrote:

My name is Corbin, I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologist in Victoria BC. Three years ago, my sister died by suicide after silently battling depression.

This life-changing event was the catalyst for the start-up of Elate Fitness; to offer more support and accountability to help individuals get started and continue exercising.

I know firsthand how significant counselling can be and how important good physical health is for our mental well-being.

Elate Fitness Mission: To educate people on the impact of physical health on our mental health. To help give more people access to physical activity and to remove the barriers.

There is a disconnect between health professionals recommending exercise and individuals doing it.  We work to target the barriers: lack of motivation, anxiety, not knowing what to do, and not having any help with guidance or accountability.

We work directly with clients through our app.

1. Providing education on the physiological and psychological changes, to motivate and inspire exercise.

2. Offering online exercise training, including descriptive videos, specifically designed to improve mental well-being.

3. Creating accountability. Working with and monitoring everything entered in our app and checking in regularly with direct messaging.

We plan to be fully operating by August 2020.

We are in the start-up phase and currently running a crowdfunding campaign with a video explaining my mission:     

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