Harnessing you’re unconscious to create what you believe


As a counsellor you learn that the core beliefs that people carry create the outcomes in their lives. If you believe you’re not good at something, you usually won’t be. Part of my job is to help people create effective beliefs in their lives to help them go where they want to go and do it they want to do.  Frequently people adopt believes in their childhood based on their experiences that keep them in bad habits and hold them back from achieving what they would like to.

There are many ways to get out this including cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, bibliotherapy,  hypnosis,  Gestalt therapy and manifestation.  I’m sure others could list more ways to get at the changing of our deeper beliefs.

Experts say that 90 to 95% of our brain use is unconscious rather than conscious and it is that place that we need to get to to create neurological change that produces different outcomes.

In researching this I came upon this very brief but to the point explanation of how that part of our brain works.  This particular look includes a kind of manifestation approach but I think if you read it you can see how the other approaches I have listed also fit here.

Reticular activating system

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