For Counselling in Victoria BC or Worldwide

via SKYPE, FaceTime or your preferred online software

Conveniently located in downtown Victoria BC on Fort St. between Vancouver and Cook St.

#202 – 1028 Fort St.  – V8V 3K4

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I have a dark brown sign with a white frame that says “Dawn Cox, Registered Clinical Counsellor,” that hangs near Applewood Antiques at the same address on Fort St (1028).

When facing the building, enter by the wide alleyway at the left of the tutor style building. There are both stairs and a ramp to go down a few steps. You will see a smaller version of the same sign to guide you to the correct entry.

The main lobby has glass doors and a few stairs on the outside of the building. Enter the glass doors, go up the stairs, through another entry door and straight ahead a few short steps to my office door #202.

I do not have a separate waiting area for my office so if the door is closed it means I am not ready yet and will open the door at the start time of the appt. If this does not happen by the start of your appt. time, feel free to knock.

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