Eating Disorder Support

One of my favourite speakers, a professional who truly inspires me both  in person and in her written word, is Michelle Morand of the Cedric Centre for Counselling (I run the Victoria location of the Cedric Centre). Cedric counselling theory helps create change in most life challenge areas but addiction and eating disorders have been a specialty area for Cedric with significant results for clients who are ready for change and have tried a multitude of other remedies. Michelle lives in British Columbia and does speaking engagements in the Victoria area as well as on the mainland. We both work with Skype clients from around the world as well.

I have had the honour and pleasure of being mentored by Michelle who’s common sense counselling system has enabled me to host workshops support clients,and achieve the big life changes they have been looking for like a reduction in panic or anxiety symptoms, gaining a greater sense of control over their lives, building better relationships, letting go of co-dependent strategies, moving through or away from past traumas and current trauma symptoms (lack of focus, hyper-vigilance, depression, panic, anxiety, dissociation, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite or over-eating).

I am including a link of Michelle working with a group focused on food and body image because I host 3-day workshops with Cedric as she is hosting here but I do not have much film footage of myself teaching. This clip gives you an idea of some of our work: 

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