ADD, ADHD or Vision Problem: Convergence Insufficiency Highlighted

Below is some fascinating reading about the surprisingly high frequency of ADD/ADHD misdiagnosis. If you (that’s right, adults may be misdiagnosed as well) or your child are struggling with reading, learning, school or work tasks, school or work relationships, you may have a condition known as Convergence Insufficiency. This term describes the way our eyes work together to see an object. Typically, as an object becomes closer to us, our eyes need to move closer together to maintain focus on the object. For some (4.2-6% of school and clinic cases) one of the eyes veers outward and the eyes then see two rather than one object. Double vision is the result. This is reported to be “a sensory and neuromuscular anomally of the binocular vision system” (wiki definition) .

The good news is that there have been very good results with treatment through eye exercises 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week. In randomized clinical studies within the last ten years results found 75% of cases either improved or resolved the symptoms by strengthening the eye muscles using these exercises.

Have a look at these articles for more information:

Times Colonist Article on Convergence Insufficiency

Mayo Clinic Article on Convergence Insufficiency

As a counsellor I am always trying to think outside of the box and increase my knowledge base in an attempt to stay out of the ruts that can so easily become our way of thinking as human beings. I am thankful to friends and colleagues who share their wisdom in article links like the Times Colonist article that was forwarded to me by a colleague I recently met who specializes in Vision Therapy.

His name is Cameron McCrodan and he has a clinic in Victoria BC. If you have any questions regarding Vision Therapy, the diagnosis of ADHD, vision convergence or any issues concerning the eyes or vision process here is a link to Dr. McCrodan’s clinic website:

McCrodan Vision Development


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